Magical Staves

Staves or magical signs
All of the signs and staves seen here can be found in Icelandic grimoires, some from the 17th century, some from later times though all of them seem to be related. The origin of this peculiar Icelandic magic is difficult to ascertain. Some signs seem to be derived from medieval mysticism and renaissance occultism, while others show some relation to runic culture and the old Germanic belief in Thor and Odinn. Much of the magic mentioned in court records can be found in grimoires kept in various manuscript collections. The purpose of the magic involved tells us something of the concerns of the lower classes that used them to lessen the burden of subsidence living in a harsh climate.
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26 Róðukross Ólafs konungs Tryggvasonar Strandagaldur 63688
27 Rosahringur minni Strandagaldur 61019
28 Óttastafur Strandagaldur 60584
29 Stave for Necropants Strandagaldur 125589
30 Lockbreaker Strandagaldur 59625
31 Trade Clincher Strandagaldur 54581
32 Hólastafur Strandagaldur 64217
33 Gegn heimakomu Strandagaldur 63576
34 Wrestling magic Strandagaldur 54901
35 Galdratöluskip Strandagaldur 65529
36 Magic sign Feingur Strandagaldur 65206
37 To Win in Court Strandagaldur 58431
38 Killing rune Strandagaldur 64593
39 Draumstafir Strandagaldur 69405
40 Sharpening staves Strandagaldur 57916
41 Angurgapi Strandagaldur 67919
42 Að stilla alla reiði Strandagaldur 69331
43 To get a girl Strandagaldur 63316

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