Icelandic Grimoires

Magical Grimours

A number of grimoires can be found in collections of Icelandic manuscripts. A few of these have been dated to the time of the witch-hunts though the majority are from the 18th and 19th century, and some are copies made in the early 1900s. Some mix primitive medicine with darker parts but all of them include signs and drawings as an important part of the magic. Very little of this material has been printed in its original form.

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1 ÍB 383 4to - handritið Huld Strandagaldur 31149
2 AM 158 4to - Hlíðarendabók Strandagaldur 24827
3 Galdrakver frá um 1820 Strandagaldur 24846
4 Stokkhólmsskræðan Strandagaldur 25197
5 Lbs 764 4to Strandagaldur 22428
6 AM 247 8vo Strandagaldur 23758
7 Lbs 143 8vo Strandagaldur 23962