Strandagaldur Art/Scholar Residency

Strandagaldur Art/Scholar Residency

From Hólmavík. The residency is in the yellow house in the middle of the picture.

The organization

Hólmavík is a small village in Strandir, the east part of the Westfjords peninsula with appr. 400 inhabitants. There is a swimming pool, gymnasium, grocery store, bank, museums and health care center to name few things.

Strandagaldur ses (founded 1999) is a non-profit organization in Hólmavík working on cultural and educational projects. The main project of the institution is to run and built up museums in the area with the main theme of sorcery & witchcraft and the history of  Iceland 17th century. Strandagaldur has received many recognitions, for an example Eyrarrósin 2007, an award for outstanding cultural projects in Iceland rural areas. The museums are located in Hólmavík and in Bjarnarfjörður appr. 30 km north of the village. Strandagaldur also runs a small restaurant in Hólmavík which is open the whole year in the same building as the museum. Strandagaldur Art/Scholar residency is one of the institutions project. 

The residency

Strandagaldur Art/Scholar Residency is located in the center of the village, close to The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft

The guest apartment is 80 square meters and consists of a three bedroom flat and a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with shower. The work area is in the top floor. Another work area can be arranged at the museum.

Bed sheets and towels are provided for guests and there is also an access to a washing machine and dryer. Good high speed internet connection is in the apartment.

The residency is only open from middle of October until the first week of May.

Duration of residencies

  • 1-4 weeks
  • By agreement

Number of resident participants at one time

The residence will only be booked for one person at a time if requested. 

Expenses paid by participant

  • Travel
  • Housing
  • Supplies
  • Food


  • Private Apartment
  • Shared Apartment 

Participant fees
245 € - 1 week
420 € - 2 weeks
525 € - 3 weeks
560 € - 4 weeks
15 € - if partner each day

Expectations of participants

  • Cleaning


By e-mail – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Selection procedure

By Curator

Presentation of participants work
Not necessary but the locals would enjoy it. 

How to reach

By bus two days a week

Strætó – Bus schedule

Reykjavík – Hólmavík                                    Hólmavík – Reykjavík

Fridays                                                            Sundays

Bus 57                                                                        Bus 59
Departure  Reykjavík/Mjódd            15:30                  Departure            Hólmavík              15:50
Arrival        Borgarnes                      16:53                  Arrival                  Borgarnes            18:02

Bus 59                                                                        Bus 57
Departure  Borgarnes                     16:58                    Departure            Borgarnes            18:20
Arrival        Hólmavík                      19:10                    Arrival             Reykjavík/Mjódd       19:41           

The Residency on Google Maps.

Availability calander for The Residency.